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Sometimes I write this blog and I wonder if I’m becoming a bit of a self-helping kinda blogger. Well, just in case you are wondering it, this are just my thoughts and I’m no expert of anyone except of myself so… If you still fancy this situation let’s keep on moving! 🙂

I need my own space. Let me explain you what it means. Because this is something we are too used to hear when we want to break our relation with something or (more usual) someone but breath slowly, this is not about it. I am human and wish to think that I’m a special one because c’mon! I’m the main character of my own story and that’s something enough important to give myself some credit. As I told you on my last post, I tend to think a lot and that requires time, space, knowing yourself in many ways, in different moments and how do you react to those ones.

I like to spend time with my family, my boyfriend and my friends, but I feel the need of spending time with me. Because I wouldn’t be capable of going through certain situations as easy as I sometimes do if I can’t predict the way I’m gonna react to those times. And that is something that helps you a lot to go through life and see it in a way more positive way.

Having your own space doesn’t mean being lonely or feeling like you are lonely, it is a matter of appreciating those kind of moments and learning from your environment.

A month ago I met a guy called Romi who created a company called Oblique London, they are basically a membership and concierge service focused on millennials and every week they organise unusual and out of the ordinary events in London. Romi loved this blog so much that he made me an ambassador (which sounds as cool as it is!). Getting back to business, Romi invited me to go to my first event with them at Lights Of Soho (a reeeally nice and fun venue) to see an artist paint a canvas live.

Summary: I went by myself and I bloody loved it. Why are we so scared of doing things by ourselves? We might live in a society that judges anyone who is alone (NOT LONELY) doing any kind of activity that we basically give up very easily on approaching to our own space and time. I’m not telling you to stop socialising, just try it, go do something by yourself and enjoy it. Appreciate the moment or hate it but at least try it, because we miss a lot by not even trying it.

– Carlota.

Proof: Alone (not lonely) and happy at the Oblique London event at Light of Soho

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