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Here is what happens: I get excited, I want to write my blog, I sit down and for some reason I get stuck and panic a bit to the sound of a shy but powerful voice inside my head that says “Someone will judge you, someone will read this and make fun of you, you are 27, blogs are not cool anymore, you don’t do this for yourself but for the others, and they don’t want to listen to your voice anymore”.

Fucking hell, this voice was so freaking annoying I had to get rid of it.

So yes, I have the problem of paying too much attention to my head, and I make myself promises I can’t fulfill – like the one where I promised to write here every week, or the one I promised to post every Monday a motivational talk from someone (lasted 1 Monday). My coach, Daniel, told me that to stop doing something that you are used to do all your life, takes time, patience, the right attitude and specially determination.

I’ve been rumbling around the concept of procrastination for a little while now. When you fill your time with anything around you so you don’t have to concentrate for a minute on something you don’t like. That can be personal or professional, at the end everything fits into the same box.

Have you ever been in this situation and wondered: How can I be so conscious of what is happening to me but at the same time have no clue on how to do the right steps? I have the feeling I get stuck at the same point all over and over again, and there is no way I get enough energy or the attitude to go out of this bubble and do it.

I feel like I’m good at talking or writing more than I am at acting. Or would you consider those an act as well? It takes me a little push to actually do things that matter to me, everything scares me to death.

But I do like to look deep into my behaviour or attitude in front of different situations so I can discover what is wrong or what can be improved (YOU CAN ALWAYS IMPROVE SOMETHING even the tinies thing can make a huge change).  The other day I was sharing with Emma Giner, a friend of mine that I suggest you check her website, she is deffo a mind shaker! anyway, I was sharing with her my struggles with procrastination. I have a couple of projects hanging there that I would never finish (I’m talking about projects like thegoodthinking., that have been waiting for me to actually think about them for YEARS!!!). She said something that somehow opened a new door in my brain “we procrastinate on those things we like the least because they are part of our less strong personality” in this particular case, anything from my blue side (more on personality colours here). The blue personalities are rational and thoughtful, it is important you know that my main personalities are in this order: yellow & green and a bit of red. That means that I’m mainly sociable, dynamic, determined and friendly, but also out of focus, stubborn and a little bit rigid. That is why it’s important to know yourself, to be able to take this information and turn it into something good.

So what I did is I added something fun to it, I started with the creative part of the projects, I’m preparing something that it’s exciting and completely new to me and is working pretty well for now. So if I can do it, I’m 100% sure you can, at your own pace, whenever you are comfortable, but it is important to shake your mind like my friend Emma does, and question why are you doing the things the way you are doing them, you might find amazing things about yourself, we are ALL good at something, so let’s start from there and then build something around it. You know the antonym of procrastination? Anticipation!! Let’s work on it!

Drop your comments below and let me know: what are you good at??

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  • Evi

    October 12, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    Hi dear Carlota!
    My answer is I’m good at being myself. In my opinion it is one of the hardest thing in the world. I could write so lot about why I think this. But now I would like to react to your post. I think you should not feeling bad because you can’t do everything at once. It means that you are full of dreams and ideas what is great! You should just decide what is important to you, and what is less. If you listen to your heart you will know what you should concentrate on. And don’t worry about others’ opinion! Anything you do, there always will be someone who won’t like it. But if you can help just 1 person with your post, it’s already worth it! Some weeks ago I decided that whenever I feel sad or bad about anything I write my thoughts and feelings on my phone in notes. I don’t show them to anyone, I just do it for myself. And it helps me! I feel better after writing down what is in my head! So I encourage you to keep on writing!!! And I’m a big fan of ‘thegoodthinking’ so if you need any help, I’m here! 🙂 I think I’m very similar to you so I think I could help you. I would have many ideas.

    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend! ☀



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