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WOW! And another big fat WOW! Have you ever experienced that moment when one of a sudden you realise that you are in a good stage with yourself? Well, if it still didn’t happen to you, it will one day – but take your time -.

For quite a long time I’ve been trying to convince myself that I was doing good. I mean, I’ve been good while mentally working on myself, but today was the day that I found out about the fact that I’m f***ing happy about me.

Looks like we always try to do everything to convince others or even ourselves that whatever we do is “good”, that we are following the right path all the time. But actually it’s just when you do YOU, without thinking about all the things surrounding your persona, when you’re being totally honest to yourself.

I haven’t wrote for a veeeery long time, and I guess I didn’t know what to write. My mind, my thoughts, even some of my acts, were all the time focused on trying to convince myself that I was taking the right path. “Am I getting the right job?” “Am I forgetting about my friends?” “What is this person thinking about me?” “Did I talk too much, or why I didn’t even talk?”. Today I’ve realised that my best moments have been the ones that I was talking to myself about positive things that have impacted me as a human being (I start sounding like Kanye West now…). Actually this is a post of a sorry not sorry kind of moment but it is what it is, and it’s fine.

I may need a long time to be in this moment but that was worth it.


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