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Hey there! Back at it again with the blog posts (I know that expression might be too old now…)! Already getting to the end of February 2017 and here is my first post of the year. But as someone said once: never is too late!

I’ve been emotionally in a rollercoaster for the last few months and it took me a while to write. This usually happens to me when I’m in a moment where I don’t know exactly how do I want to write down my feelings, but I felt like today was the day.

I’ve always doubted about the way I was focusing this blog. I want to be 100% honest and try to explain you as good as possible the way I visualise my experiences and how I feel about them. And as much as I put all my heart on always trying to be positive, there are times where your mind (and specially mine, since I tend to think too much about anything) plays a tricky game on yourself and basically you end up thinking about what scares you when it comes to your day a day way of living/doing/thinking. In my personal case I’ve always been scared of boredom for 3 main reason:

  1. I think I might be lazier than I thought I was
  2. I don’t like what I’m doing
  3. I’m not appreciating the moment enough to use it and turn it into a positive experience.

Sometimes we justify boredom by saying that we simply have “nothing to do”, in my particular experience, I tend to think that if I’m bored it is because there is not enough stimulus in my life. WRONG. I’m basically being lazy. You know, you can live as many things as you want but sometimes we are just lazy to make an extra effort to achieve something. And hey! that can be something you want with all your heart and soul, but you are just expecting that some kind of fake magic will happen and that thing you want to achieve is gonna happen one of a sudden thanks to the snap of your fingers. Again. WRONG. The other day I found a quote that resumes this situation very easily: Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Yes my friend, you (so… me) have to move that damn cute ass and make that magic happen, because otherwise, what would make that achievement something significant if you didn’t do anything to get to it?

Secondly (and this one is funny because I’ve always criticised this kind of behaviour), ANYTHING and absolutely ANYTHING at some point or another will be of your displeasure and thats TOTALLY FINE. If you are not going to pay a price for it you wouldn’t enjoy it the rest of the times. It’s ok to not like something you are doing or feeling at some point, because that exact feeling is what it’s making it more important. I’m not telling you to keep doing forever something that doesn’t make you happy (we are not talking about this…), what I’m saying from my personal experience is that we tend to quit things too easily just because we don’t like it at some point of the process. We are basically saying no to everything that has an emotional/physical price. But you know that even in this life we have to go through things we didn’t sign for and we keep on moving at the end of it.

And finally, boredom can be a very confusing moment for people that (like I do) think too much about everything that is happening to them. It’s fine to think about your life, your goals and whatever happens around you, but if you think too much you end up missing the true valuable things that are surrounding you at that exact same moment. And if there is something that you can’t get back in any kind of form it’s the TIME. So use your thoughts wisely and enjoy your moments of “boredom”, because they might actually be the busiest times you’ve ever lived.

– Carlota

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