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What a good start of a post!

So for many years I’ve been asked by many of my friends from outside of Barcelona about places, recommendations, suggestions… the classic.
Because of that I created an email a few years ago that I’ve been uploading every time someone asked me for any tips, and I think it’s about time to share it with the world.

I’m pretty sure I could have done better with my comments but I’ll keep updating it, just go with the flow and try to get the best of this.

So here are a few of my fave places starting for stay, then classic places to visit, views, restaurants, drinks and party/live music.






  • La Pedrera & Casa Batlló – this two are both in Passeig de Gracia, and if you check it with time they tend to do liv emusic at their rooftops during Summer time.
  • Parc Güell – now you have to pay to go in, but it’s worth it.
  • Sagrada Família – if you have the chance to visit it at night… DO IT!, it’s just soooo beautiful… [my fave place in the world]


  • Santa Maria del Mar – a beautiful cathedral that no one should miss, read a little bit in advance about the importance of this emblematic building. Also, a good excuse to go for a walk and discover the secrets of the Barri Gotic.
  • La Barceloneta – Ok what I’m going to suggest you here is a VERY touristy thing to do but if you love a good ride, rent a bike and go around there, if it’s sunny, go at the beach in front of Hotel Arts. Try to avoid it from June to August, but it is really nice even if it’s Januray or November…, the sea is an extra lung to the city. Sit on the beach and look around you, lovely!
  • El Born – an amazing and beautiful area of Barcelona, we go there as much as we can, have a mojito in the afternoon, then beers, then… well u might have heared about us…
  • MNAC – it’s a beautiful Museum of Catalan National Art, great views up there!


Breakfast & Brunch:

  • Flax & Kale – El Raval – This one is the instagramers sort of place. The one that started a hipster-posh trend in the city.
  • Brunch & Cake – Various – If you got a love for brunches, then this is a secure place to get your Florentine (I guess).
  • Espai Joliu – Poble Nou – I’ve never been but I follow them on Instagram and I bloody love that place, plants, coffee, doughnuts… MEOW!
  • Sabio Infante – Gracia – Cosy and lovely! My friend runs it so good treatment is gonna happen fur shureee.
  • Cervecería Catalana – Eixample – I lived next to it for 3.5 years and I went there at least once a week, their assortment of sandwiches (bocadillos in Spanish) for breakfast is crazy amazing and delicious!
  • Milk Bar & Bistro – I have no idea, someone recommended this to me so it better be good!
  • Faborit Casa Amatller – Boom! Don’t worry you’ll be more than fine
  • Picnic – Bloody Mery PLEEEEASE!!! (I know its written Mary, and I don’t expect you to understand this but since I went to celebrate my friend Mery’s bday there… that changed ya’know?)

Lunch & Dinner:

Note: suuuure you want some authentic tapas & paella, important: if you really want that, follow my tips, no chance to lose.

  • Pez Vela – If I had to chose my last place on earth where to eat, this one would be it. It’s usually very full, anyway, call or try to get there, best paellas ever.
  • La Mar Salada – there is always a second spot, and this one shares the place with…
  • Ca La Nuri – Keeping it classy. You won’t be wrong here, also, my mom is called Núria so I just trust them.
  • ELDISET – in case u have a date and love wine…
  • Estimar – This one doesn’t only have a beautiful word as a name (Estimar = To love) and it’s located at el Born, it is so AMAZING!
  • La Bodegueta de la Rambla – pay attention, it must be the one in Rambla Catalunya! the old one! Oh God… everything there is so delicious… real tapas!!
  • Gresca – great restaurant.
  • Windsor – for lunch meetings, 25€ menu – Really good.
  • El Nacional – at Passeig de gracia it is an open area with 5 different restaurants, all good and different kinds of food, recommend the meat or the fish one
  • Maka maka – great place to go in the afternoon, have a jar of mojito and enjoy the sunny days with nachos and burgers.
  • Barroc Café – it’s cool!
  • Metric Market – they close on Sunday, but any other day… u should go!
  • Feroz – dinner & Party all at one, it might be veeeery busy but you can try. Close to the clubs
  • Casa Paloma – also with a sort of a live flamenco music show one day of the week.

Many many places… Here is the important thing, we drink vermouth before lunch with a bit of pica-pica (NO tapas), and as an after meal we have a G&T in a balloon or brandy glass.

  • Señor Vermut – Best vermouth in town!
  • Morro Fi – Various
  • Boca Chica – Eat at Boca Grande or have drinks at Boca Chica – one of the most chic places in Barcelona, and you have a DJ in the bathroom!
  • Torre Rosa – A bit far but worth it.
  • Bobby Gin – To be honest I have no idea, but I have a friend that suggested it to me. 🙂

TBH I said there were many but I’ve been away 2.5 years, I’m going back soon for a long period of time. I’ll make sure to update this one for the audience (only because I have to).


  • Apolo – Go on Monday for NastyMondays! a classic in the city.
  • Razzmatazz – Big names have played there, various rooms and a very homey atmosphere.
  • Bling Bling, Sutton or Gatsby – more of a “posh” very young environment – a mix of people living in Barcelona & tourists. Gatsby has a cabaret show.
  • Pacha, Shoko or Opium – very very very touristy, right in front of the beach.
  • Jaleo – Drinks, mainly young audience (20 to 30s)
  • Ajoblanco – drinks with people that were younger before me (30 to 50s)
  • Luz de Gas – 30s to 50s [I bloody love this place and it’s ‘pachagueo’ room]
  • Sala B – 20s to 30s, this one is the baby brother of Luz de Gas.


  • Mediterraneo
  • Quilombo

*Thanks for making it to the end and sorry for the excess exclamation marks, it was a way to express HOW EXCITED I GET ABOUT MY CITY!!!!

*Also sorry if you read “U” instead of “YOU” I can be such a lazy a## sometimes……..

Hope that helped and you fall in love with the city 💜!


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